What size do the BOS Containers come in?

BOS Quick Build Containers come in a variety of sizes. They are 2100mm high x 2100mm wide externally. Lengths vary from 1 to 4 metres. Currently Aim Hire has 1x2m; 2x2m; 2 x 3m and 2 x 4m containers in stock. Containers can also be joined. The same or different sized containers can be connected end-to-end (up to 2 containers) or the same size units can be connected side-by-side (up to 3 containers). To join containers a ‘Connection Kit’ is required. This is an additional accessory.

How heavy are the containers?

The empty weight of the containers ranges from 150 – 650kg and the gross weight is 3,000kgs

1 x 2m Containers:
• Oriented strand board floor (OSB) = 45kg
• Roof = 30kg
• Side wall = x2 16kg
• Front wall with door = 47kg
• Back wall = 38kg
• Total weight empty = 176kg

2 x 2m Containers:
• Oriented strand board floor (OSB) = 90kg
• Roof = 50kg
• Side wall = x2 35kg
• Front wall with door = 47kg
• Back wall = 38kg
• Total weight empty = 260kg

3 x 2m Containers:
• Oriented strand board floor (OSB) = 111kg
• Roof = 70kg
• Side wall = x2 57kg
• Front wall with door = 47kg
• Back wall = 38kg
• Total weight empty = 323kg

4 x 2m Containers:
• Oriented strand board floor (OSB) = 144kg
• Roof = 90kg
• Side wall = x2 70kg
• Front wall with door = 47kg
• Back wall = 38kg
• Total weight empty = 389kg

What are the BOS Containers made of?

Material is 20 gauge, 0.8mm galvanized steel. Material on floor section is 14 gauge, 2mm thick.
Steel is made of recycled material. The floors are made of Oriented Strand Board (OSB) and treated for moisture and insects.

Can the units be stacked on top of each other?

Yes. Flat packed units can be stacked seven high for transportation, and 10 high for storing.
Assembled, full units can be stacked three units high outdoor, and four units high indoor. The load inside the units must be evenly distributed.

Do the containers rust?

Our containers have no welding. Instead the connection points are made with BTM clinching. BTM clinching technique ensures that galvanized surface on the steel does not get damaged. This warrants for a 10 year rust free guarantee on connection points.

Can the containers be carried into job sites or other areas that vehicles cannot access?

Yes. Detachable panels can be carried to job sites even through awkward or difficult spaces. They can be assembled on site, even in tight spaces.

Can the detachable panels be replaced?

Yes. The detachable panels can be replaced if damaged.

What are some of the advantages of using BOS containers rather than traditional storage?

• They are ideal for use both indoor and outdoor. 
• The quick build containers allow for increased flexibility in responding to changes in market demand without large investments in buildings and equipment.
• The BOS Container is durable and maintenance-free due to fully galvanized components.
• Components are joined together utilizing state-of-the-art “Best Point Technology”. “Best Point” joints are given a 10 year corrosion protection guarantee. They are joined using the BTM clinching technique.
• Containers can be delivered flat-pack so you done need expensive crane truck or tilt tray delivery.
• Quick tool-free assembly and dismantling enabling easy mobility and flexibility.
• Stackable (up to 3 assembled containers on top of each other, up to 10 flat packed containers)
• Safe
• Durable in all climates
• Theft resistant

Do the BOS containers come with accessories?

Extra accessories can be ordered with your BOS Quick Build Container. Accessories include access ramps; security tool bars; galvanized anti-vandal locks; hose, cable and tool racks; shelving systems; painted containers and connection kits.

What I Should Know When Shipping Nationally

Containers will not be delivered to a Residential address unless you have a forklift to unload the container from the truck. To avoid any confusion please specify which option you would like when purchasing your container. If choose a residential address you will be required to pick up from your local depot.